Two point discrimination

The two-point discrimination (2PD) test is the most frequently used  test for the assessment of the sensory outcome after nerve repair. It tests the ability to discern that two nearby objects touching the skin are truly two distinct points, not one. It relies on the ability and/or willingness of the patient to subjectively report what he/she is feeling and should be completed with the patient’s eyes closed. The therapist may alternate randomly between touching the patient with one point or with two points on the area being tested. The simulated activity allows the user to test using desired tools provided and thereby listening to the respective response.


Simulation Type

Condition, Using graphics

Gender Specific

No, Common for both gender

Conditions Simulated

     2PD Positive

     2PD Negative


     Click on the Left/Right toggle button to select the hand.

     Click on the icons to select the tool to do the test.

     Click randomly on the palm to touch with the alternate selected tool.

     User can hear the response of the patient after touching.