Temperature is the sensory modality that is used to test the spinothalamic system. It is tested by touching  the patient with a tuning fork, as the metal feels hot or cold. User can drag and place the hot or cold tuning fork over the body of the virtual patient and test the the ability to feel the temperature of the upper and lower extremity listening to the audio response of the patient.



Simulation Type

Range, Using graphics

Gender Specific

No, Common for both genders



Patient's reaction to the all the Dermatomes on both posterior column and spinothalamic tracts are simulated


     The system will display a patient’s body.

     Tick the checkbox, ‘Positions’ which shows the different positions need to be tested.

     Click on the toggle button,’Show’ to show the different positions of the body.

     Click on the toggle button,’Tuning fork’ to select the cold or hot tuning fork.

     Click and drag the turning fork and touch lightly on the areas to be tested.

     Audio responses can hear  as cold/not cold/nothing based on if the patient can feel the temperature.

     Click on the ‘Zooming level tool’ to get zoomed view of the body part.