Rapid Alternating Finger Movements

In Rapid alternating Finger movement, the patient is asked to use the thumb of one hand to touch each finger of the same hand in rapid sequence. Repeat with the other hand too. It is done to check the rapidity and rhythmical performance of the movements noting any right-left disparity.  It is extensively employed to assess motor asymmetry in brain damaged patients and also to study the relationship between handedness and performance in normal subjects.

Through the recorded video, user can observe the coordination between the brain and fingers of the patient.



Simulation Type

Condition, Using real videos

Gender Specific

No, Common for both gender

Conditions Simulated

     Finger tapping normal

     Finger tapping abnormal


     Click on ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ toggle button to select the hand.

     Click ‘Play’ button to start the video.

     User can pause, play, speed up, speed down and view in fullscreen using options in the player.