The pupil is the round black circle in the center of the iris that helps in controlling the amount of light that enters into an eye. Pupil test is done to determine the size and shape of the pupil. Also it checks for its reaction to light on each eye. The simulated activity allows the user to examine the pupil reflexes using two procedures: Pupillary light reflex (visual reflex) and Accommodation reflex.

visual reflexes.jpg


Simulation Type

     Condition, Using graphics and interactive animation

Gender Specific

     No, Common for both gender

Conditions Simulated

     Pupil reaction is Normal

     Pupillary light reflex

     Accommodation reflex


      Select the test to be done from the drop down menu.

      When Pupillary light reflex is selected

     Click on the toggle button,’Left’/’Right’ to test the desired eye.

     Switch on the light on each eye, the torch will be placed automatically in front of the selected eye.

     Now observe the contraction of the pupil.

     For direct response, switch on the light to the selected pupil and observe whether it constrict/narrow briskly.

     For consensual response, switch on the light again and observe the opposite pupil constriction.

     Response of the test will be displayed.

      When Accommodation reflex is selected

     Click on ‘Near/Far’ toggle button to check the near/far view of  the pupil.

      Test result will be displayed.