Pronator Drift

Pronator drift (also known as pyramidal drift) refers to a pathologic sign seen during a neurological examination. This sign can appear due to an upper motor neuron lesion or various other conditions including inborn errors of metabolism. The patient is asked to hold both arms fully extended at shoulder level in front of them, with the palms upwards, and hold the position and close the eyes. If they are unable to maintain the position, the result is positive.

The virtual activity allows the user to assess the palm’s drift by observing the animation played.






Simulation Type

Condition, Using animation.

Gender Specific

No, Common for both gender

Conditions Simulated

     Pronator drift negative

     Pronator drift positive


      Click ‘Start’ button to start the examination.

      Wait till the clock stops and then examine the pronator effect.

      Click ‘Reset’ button to repeat the test.