Peripheral pulses

 Peripheral Pulses are those pulses that are palpable at the peripheries (hand and legs) –eg, radial, dorsal pedal, which signal vascular compromise–especially in the legs. Major peripheral pulses are palpated for symmetry. The elasticity of the arterial wall is also examined. The simulated activity allows the palpation of these pulses by clicking on each marked spots on the virtual patient. Thus  the user can rule out the presence of any peripheral vascular disease.


Simulation Type

Condition, Using Graphics

Gender Specific


Conditions Simulated

Presence or absence of pulse in the following areas

     Common Carotid Artery

     Radial Artery

     Brachial Artery

     Dorsalis Pedis Artery

     Posterior Tibial Artery

     Femoral Artery

     Popliteal Artery

     Radiofemoral Delay

     Radio Radial Delay


     Click on the spots or the labels (A-G arteries or the B&F,B&B delays) in the right side panel to check the  presence or absence of pulse.

     System will show a wave in top of the right panel if pulse present. Otherwise, it will be a straight line.