Percussion is a method of tapping on a surface to determine the underlying structure, and is used in clinical examinations to assess the condition of the thorax. It is done with the middle finger of one hand tapping on the middle finger of the other hand using a wrist action. User can listen to the percussion sound and note down the text response as he/she clicks on the marked spots using the simulated virtual activity. The system will display a patient’s thorax region with points to be percussed  is marked in red colour. In the anterior view there is about ten and in the posterior view, there are eighteen percussion points. In the right lateral view & left lateral view, there are 4 percussion points each.

Simulation Type

Condition, Using graphics

Gender Specific


Condition Simulated

     Normal Lung

     Enlarged Lung


     Click on the desired view to start the percussion.

     Click on each marked spots, a tapping sound is played each time.

     Repeat the same with the other views.