Palpation- Supraclavicular node

The supraclavicular lymph nodes are a pair of lymph nodes found just above the clavicle or collarbone, toward the hollow of the neck. Swelling and pain in the lymph nodes are signs of an infection and sometimes, a malignancy. The swollen supraclavicular lymph nodes are easily felt as small painful lumps at the top of the collar bone. User can click on each marked lymph nodes (green spots) near the patient’s neck and note down the response.


Simulation Type

Condition, Using graphics

Gender Specific

No, Common for both genders

Condition Simulated

     Normal size and consistency

     Abnormal size and consistency


     User can click the mouse on  supraclavicular nodes area (green spots).

     Click on the yellow coloured icon to see the examiner’s position.

     The system will display whether the node is normal(Green) or not (Red spot) with relevant tool tip.

     Click on the ‘Zoom in’ to get zoomed view of the body part.