Pain is one of the principal sensory modalities of the spinothalamic systems.The patient's ability to perceive the touch of a sharp object is tested. Through the interactive virtual activity, user can drag a toothpick provided to the desired positions of the virtual patient to test his/her pain sensation on the upper and lower extremity and listening to the audio response of the patient.


Simulation Type

Range, Using interactive animation

Gender Specific

No, Common for both genders



Patient's reaction to the all the Dermatomes on both posterior column and spinothalamic tracts are simulated


The system will display a patient’s body.

     Click on the check box, ’Positions’ which shows different positions on the body which needs to be tested.

     Click on the toggle button,’Show’ which shows the desired position (front/back) of the body.

     Click and drag the toothpick and touch lightly over the areas to be tested.

     If the patient can feel the pain, gives ‘Yes’ response. Or else there won’t be any response.

     Click on the ‘Zooming level tool’ to get zoomed view of the body part.