Nasal Mucosa

The mucosa, or mucus membrane, that can be found in the nasal cavity is highly vascular, helping to warm and moisten incoming air and is important for smelling since it is connected to the first cranial nerve, also known as the olfactory nerve. The mucosa contains large spaces that swell under contact with allergic reactions or infections


The virtual activity allows the user to check the inner portion of the nose thereby assess the function, airway patency and sense of smell.


nasal mucosa.jpg

Simulation Type

Condition, Using photorealistic graphics

Gender Specific

No, Common for both genders

Conditions Simulated

     Normal/No polyps

     Small-size polyps

     Moderate-size polyps

     Large-size polyps


     Click on the desired image to view the left or right nose.

     To look around, click on the respective buttons provided under ‘Directions’.