Jugular Venous Pressure

Jugular Venous Pressure is the indirectly observed pressure over the venous system via visualization of the internal jugular vein. It can be useful in the differentiation of different forms of heart. Activity allows the patient to determine the JVP of a patient is normal or not.



Simulation Type

Range, Using interactive animation

Gender Specific



 2.5 - 4 cm


     Drag the slider to change the bed position to the correct level (between 30 to 45 degrees) to start the examination. (Once its reaches the correct level, the angle marked will be in green color and a measuring scale will appear.)

     Now, keep the bottom tip of the scale at the center of the chest. (Scale can be moved vertically.)

     Drag the mouse to the neck side of the patient to examine the JVP.

     At one point, a hand icon will appear, click on it, a red spot with measurement will display, at a particular point, the red spot will be darker which indicates the correct JVP position.