Fundus Examination

Fundus examination is done as part of a routine physical examination. It is crucial in determining the health of the retina and the vitreous humor. The three basic steps for  conducting the fundus examination are Pupil dilation, the wide angle examination of the fundus and zoomed view of fundic lesions/abnormalities.


Ophthalmoscope is simulated in this activity to do fundus examination and to rule out diabetic/hypertensive retinopathy.



Simulation Type

Condition, Using photorealistic graphics

Gender Specific

No, Common for both gender

Conditions Simulated

     Fundus exam is Normal

     Hypertensive retinopathy


     Retinal vein occlusion


     To switch on/off light, click on the 'Light ON/OFF' toggle button.

     A zoomed view of the eye will be shown on the right side.

     To change the pupil directions, click on the respective directions buttons provided under ‘Pupil Directions’.

     Click on the left/right eye toggle button, to examine the desired eye.