Finger-to-Nose Test

In Finger-to-Nose test, the patient rapidly touch his/her nose and then touch the doctor's finger.  Doctor may suddenly move his finger's position to see if the patient can still touch it or will he/she shoot over the mark. It is used to check the ability to judge distance or scale of the patient. This activity shows how the virtual patient is able to touch the  doctor’s finger denoted by a green dot.



Simulation Type

Condition, Using graphics and interactive animations

Gender Specific

No, Common for both gender

Conditions Simulated



     Hypermetria:  overreaching/overstepping

     Hypometria: underreaching/under stepping



     Click ‘Show Right/Show Left’ toggle button to select the hand.

     Click ‘Start‘ button to start the test and ‘Reset’ to revert.

     Click on the board to change the position of the object to be touched.