External Auditory Canal

The auditory function allows efficient sound transmission from the environment to the tympanic membrane. The non acoustic functions of the ear canal include protection of the tympanic membrane and the maintenance of a clear passage for sound.


 A thorough evaluation of the ears is done to screen for ear problems in this virtual activity.

external auditory.jpg


Simulation Type

Condition, Using photorealistic graphics

Gender Specific

No, Common for both genders

Conditions Simulated


     Acute otitis externa

     Malignant otitis externa

     Staphylococcus otitis externa

     Otitis externa (dermatitis)


     To start examination, click on the toggle button,’Light ON/OFF’.

     To view the inner/outer part of the ear,click on the toggle button., ‘Show Ear’.(by default it shows outer part.)

     To examine different directions, click on the respective buttons provided under ‘Directions’.

     Click on the toggle button,’Side’ to examine the desired ear(left/right).