Differential Diagnosis

The major challenge facing the medical fraternity is the provision of quality medical care through proper symptoms diagnosis and effective treatment.  Medical diagnosis is by nature a complex and fuzzy cognitive process that is subjective as it depends on the doctor making the diagnosis. Most importantly, the amount of data that should be analyzed to make a good prediction is usually huge and at times unmanageable.


The MedSim platform has a DDx (differential diagnosis) module that is available for the list of disease conditions currently available in the software. Differential diagnosis is formulated based on probabilities and ranked according to the severity of the illnesses on doctor’s list. It is then refined during the exam.  Often, laboratory and x-ray results help to further illuminate the diagnosis list.  Once formulated, the diagnosis list serves as the basis for a treatment plan.


Using MedSim, the student can rule out the possible diagnosis/condition using this module. They can review the shortlisted diagnosis, go back and review the patient as needed.




The diagnosis module has three interactive sections:

1.    Symptoms and Findings

2.    Possible Diagnosis List

3.    Final Diagnosis

The user can analyze the symptoms and findings of all the previous examinations taken in the other modules. The user can confirm the disease and proceed to the “Treatment” module from the differential diagnosis module.