Cardiovascular System - Palpation

Palpation is the next step for further evaluation of the findings from inspection. The precordium is palpated for pulsations (determining apical impulse and thus the cardiac situs) and thrills. Through the simulated virtual activity, user can observe the result of palpation through the text response displayed on clicking the respective marked areas.

Simulation Type

Condition, Using graphics

Gender Specific





     Thrills present

     Thrills Absent

     Apex beat in normal position

     Apex beat in abnormal position


     The system will display a patient’s chest region marked with 5 different color spots labelled as A,P,E,T and M.

     User can click on the  desired view to start the palpation.

     Click on each spot to know the impulses inspected through palpation.

     The system will display the result through a small pop-up on each click.