Cardiovascular System- Auscultation

Auscultation is an essential part of a cardiac examination.  Listening to the heart you can gather information about the rate and rhythm, value functioning (e.g. stenosis, regurgitation/insufficiency), and anatomical defects (e.g. atrial septal defects, ventricular septal defect (VSD), hypertrophy). The simulated virtual activity allows the user to listen each auscultation by playing the respective audio.



Simulation Type

Condition, Using graphics

Gender Specific





     Mitral Stenosis


By default the system will display a patient’s Supine 45 degree view

     User can select the desired view by clicking the images provided below the panel .

     User can choose  the steth positions by clicking on the steth icons.

     Select one steth position and and click the spot highlighted on the body to listen the beat sounds .