CN XII-Hypoglossal Nerve

The Hypoglossal nerve provides motor supply to the muscles of the tongue. If there are problems with the hypoglossal nerve, the tongue may be paralyzed. The user can check the functions of hypoglossal nerve by testing the tongue strength and movement by sticking out the tongue of the virtual patient through the interactive simulated virtual activity.




Simulation Type

Condition, Using interactive animation

Gender Specific

No, Common for both genders

Condition Simulated



     Left hypoglossal defects

     Right hypoglossal defects



     The system will display patient's face and "stick out tongue" button.

     Hit "Stick out tongue " button to stick out the tongue.

     An animation showing patient’s tongue will be played.

     Note the patient’s tongue line.(whether it is in the midline or deviated from the midline).

     If the patient's tongue is not in the midline then enable "Access tongue strength" button.(“Assess tongue strength” enables only for the patient with tongue deviation)

     Click on "Assess tongue strength" button for the second test.

     Place a finger on patient's cheek.

     Animate patient's response. (Patient press their tongue against the side of their cheek.)

     Patient's response will be indicated in a tooltip.