CN I -Olfactory Nerve

Olfactory nerve, known as the first cranial nerve, or simply CN1, carries the sensory information for the sense of smell to the brain. The nerve is tested by offering something familiar for the patient to smell and identify.


Through the virtual activity the user can test the patient's sense of smell by offering something familiar to the  patient  like lemon, coffee, eucalyptus, Ammonia powder, Rose and cardamom and the response of patient to each selected items can be noted.






Simulation Type

Condition, Using graphics

Gender Specific

Yes, Separate audio for male and female


Conditions Simulated







     The system will display patient's face, toggle button for selecting left or right nostrils and few familiar materials to smell.

     Click on the image to smell, the item will appear near the nose.

     To listen to the response, click the button,’Response”.

     Click on the toggle button ‘Right’ /’Left’ to test the desired nostril.