CN II - Visual Reflexes

Visual Reflex testing is the most objective part of the neurological exam and is the least dependent on cooperation. A bright focal light is directed into each pupil toward the temporal retina, and the pupil is observed for immediate constriction. Through an interactive virtual activity user can test the visual reflexes of a patient's eye.

visual reflexes.jpg


Simulation Type

Condition, Using interactive animation

Gender Specific

No, Common for both genders

Conditions Simulated

     Direct response - pupillary constriction in the eye exposed to light

     Consensual response - pupillary constriction in the eye not exposed to light



     Click on the toggle button,’Left’/’Right to test the desired eye.

     Switch on the light on each eye, the torch will be placed automatically in front of the selected eye.

     Now observe the contraction of the pupil.

     For direct response switch on the light to the selected pupil and watch it constrict/narrow briskly.

     For consensual response switch on the light again and watch for the opposite pupil constriction.

     Response of the test will be displayed.