Brachioradialis Reflex

The Brachioradialis reflex also known as supinator reflex is observed during a neurological exam by striking the brachioradialis tendon directly with a hammer when the patient's arm is relaxing. This reflex is carried by the radial nerve (spinal level: C5,C6)




Simulation Type

Condition, Using interactive animation

Gender Specific

No, Common for both genders

Condition Simulated


     No evidence of contraction. Rated as 0

     Slight reflex (Normal)-rated as 2+

     Super-normal (hyper-reflexic) rated as 3+

     Clonus: Repetitive shortening of the muscle after a single stimulation rated as 4+


     The system will display patient's hand held by a doctor.

     Hit "Strike" button to strike the patient’s wrist with a hammer.

     To test the other hand, click on the toggle button ,”Show right”/”Show left”.

     An animation of the patient’s wrist movement will be played.

     Note the rate of patient’s wrist movement.

     Patient's response rate will will be indicated in a response box.